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As the owner of a small business, you might wonder ‘why do I need SEO services? I don’t need SEO (search engine optimisation), I’m based in London, my customers can easily find me.’

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If you’re thinking you’re too small to warrant investing in a London SEO agency such as Market Jar.

Think again. If you want to compete, even locally, you need to be in it to win it (it being SEO).

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When you search for ‘Affordable SEO London’ or ‘SEO services London’ you’ll come face to face with page after page of results. So how do you narrow down which SEO agency in London is right for you?

Whether your desired reach is local or global, hiring an SEO company like Market Jar to help you rank number one in the SERP (search engine results page), is the best investment you’ll ever make.

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If you’re new to SEO you might have a few questions, such as:

  • What is SEO?
  • And why is SEO so important?
  • How does SEO work?
  • What are ‘SEO services’?
  • And more importantly, how much does an SEO campaign cost?

Market Jar is here to answer all of these and more.

Market Jar is an SEO agency based in London. We are SEO specialists and we want to share our knowledge with you, to help you rank number one in the SERP.

As for those answers – if you keep scrolling there’s a little more about SEO and why it can help your business grow.

Perhaps you’re looking for a hassle-free SEO package?

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the particular actions taken to optimise your website and its content to improve your position in the organic (unpaid) search results.

Why would you need to do this?

Because you won’t be found by your target audience if you don’t. Optimising your site allows you to become visible to customers who need your products or services.

The ultimate goal (for most businesses) is to be ranked #1 in their niche. But this is easier said than done. With more companies coming online everyday, even locally to you, competition keeps on getting stiffer, making it harder for you to stand out from the crowd.

SEO is a way for you to be noticed.

The search engines (Google and Bing etc) rank businesses by order of relevance and quality in relation to the user’s search query. They use an algorithm to determine which businesses should be presented to you, the searcher and in what order. If they didn’t, how would you know which businesses are worthy of your time and who are time wasters?

SEO is a way to show the world (and the search engines) you’re a serious contender.

What is SEO and how does it work?

SEO is the process by which you can make your business rank highly in the search engine for particular keywords and phrases.

By tweaking your website and its content, you can make your site more attractive to a search engine, getting you in front of your target audience.

The more you optimise, publishing outstanding, high quality, relevant content for your audience, delivering a fantastic user experience, the more likely it is you will rank highly.


Because the search engines just want to provide the best experience for their customers at the end of the day.

And if they give users anything less than exactly what they’re searching for, the search engine will have failed in their ultimate mission.

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How do search engines know who to rank and in what order?

They send out autobots or ‘spiders’ to scan and crawl each website and its pages, to better understand it based on the topics and keywords used on the site.

They then index what they find, to be called upon at a later date i.e when a searcher searches for those particular topics and keywords. Doing this allows the search engine to deliver more accurate results to the end user.

At the same, when the spiders crawl your site, they’re checking for how user friendly it is, how long it and its pages take to load, how complicated it is to navigate and read.

And FYI, sites which are considered user friendly will be ranked more highly in the SERP.

How Important is SEO?

Organic search is the biggest driver of all web traffic for almost every sector – 53% of all website traffic comes from users searching organically.

The importance of SEO can’t be overstated.

Organic search is fast outpacing all other channels. So if you want to be found by your target audience, you have to optimise your pages, or you’ll get left behind.

Don’t believe us?

When was the last time you searched for something on Google and had to go beyond the first page to find what you were looking for? Probably not for a long time. That’s because thanks to SEO carried out by the companies on the first page, the search engines knew what results to present to you.

‘But I’m only a local business, targeting a local audience, why would I need local SEO to help my business be found?’ (You might wonder.) Again, when was the last time you DIDN’T use your smartphone or do a Google search to find a business nearby?


Search engines are the way the world now searches and finds what it’s looking for.

What are the SEO services?

SEO services are what your chosen SEO agency, for example (and we’re just throwing this out there) Market Jar, will carry out on your behalf to increase the visibility of your business in the organic search results.

Why should your business partner with a specialised SEO service provider such as Market Jar?

Well, Google relies on over 200 different factors when determining where a website ranks in the SERP.

That means that if you want to feature on the front page, you’re going to need to have more than just a basic understanding of SEO to succeed.

  • Local SEO.
  • Ecommerce SEO.
  • Voice SEO.
  • Traditional SEO.

Whatever your SEO requirements, Market Jar has you covered.

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How much does an SEO campaign cost?

Well, this is the million dollar question.

Some SEO agencies will promise you the earth and spectacularly underwhelm you in what they actually deliver.

What Market Jar offers is high quality SEO – SEO services that deliver quality results.

Just check out these examples

Apart from our SEO packages, all of our projects are priced bespokely, based on our clients’ needs and requirements.

One thing we do need you to know – no matter who you go with, SEO is a marathon not a sprint. Anyone who promises you quick wins will only deliver disappointment.

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Whatever your SEO requirements, Market Jar has you covered.

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