PPE Marketing & Website Design

Market Jar have recently worked on a PPE (personal protective equipment) website design project with Citicare.

Designing and developing their e-commerce website and brand guidelines.

Logo Design

A logo enhances a website, instantly adding an air of professionalism.

Our in-house UK-based team of expert logo designers will work with you to create multiple different versions of your logo, based on your logo requirements. We then take these concepts and work them up into a final logo.

You can be confident that your final logo will be the quality logo you want and are completely happy with. On completion, we pass the digital files onto you for printing. We also provide a vector-based (high resolution) logo as well as a high quality print ready logo for you to use.

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Email Signatures

Your email signature is your digital business card, it needs to look professional. We create professional, beautiful, email signatures that let your recipients know who you are, what you do and how to get in touch with you.

If a picture paints a thousand words, then a professional email signature says more than you could possibly know. Looking professional is important if you hope to compete in any industry, and being confident that your email signature reflects you and your business is one way of ensuring the right image.

PDF Product Sheets

Product sheets are the documents that gather and display all the pertinent information for products – components, applications and benefits. Having outstanding product sheets should be a part of your strategy to improve traffic to your e-commerce site and increase conversion rates.

We design perfect PDF product sheets to ensure your products stand out. Appearance is so important in e-commerce – from first impressions to being present in the online search results.

We strive to make product sheets that don’t just meet the standards required in online marketplaces, but so they convert in every digital channel you use.

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The Website (Full E-commerce)

We design affordable, responsive online shops that deliver powerful e-commerce.

Our in-house team of e-commerce website designers design and build fully functioning, responsive e-commerce websites. We include all the features that you would expect from an enterprise level e-commerce content management system (CMS).

We offer unlimited possibilities for your e-commerce web design; our professional web design solutions all guarantee outstanding UX.

Your e-commerce website will be designed and built by our in-house team of friendly web designers. We have no limit on the number of categories and products you can include, and we also offer multiple off-site payment gateways to make transactions easy for all of your customers.

Once complete, we hand over full content management to you so that you can manage and update your website as often as you see fit. However, should you prefer, we also offer technical support and full management for the life of your website.

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Market Jar Web Design

For all your PPE marketing needs, Market Jar is the foremost London PPE website design agency. We have significant experience creating, designing and developing PPE websites for leading PPE suppliers.

If you’re wondering what PPE your staff require when you reopen your office, check out Citicare, the UK’s leading supplier of PPE. They retail back to work packs, antibacterial products and industrial cleaning products to ensure your workplace complies with health and safety guidelines. Citicare stocks everything you need to get back to work safely.

What does PPE stand for?

PPE stands for personal protective equipment. It is essential protective equipment, a device, appliance or item of clothing that when worn or held, protects you and your employees from potential health and safety hazards.

Why use PPE?

PPE can be essential to protect you and your employees from any health and safety risks at work or at home. The purpose of PPE is to reduce the risk of exposure to any hazards that may harm you or your employees.

Importance of PPE

You should put in place processes and procedures to ensure your workplace remains as safe as possible, this includes training and supervision. However, even with these safeguards in place, there can still be risks in any workplace that require the use of PPE.

PPE should be the last level of protection for you and your employees against any potential hazards. PPE can be a legal requirement in some industries. The levels of protective equipment that you or your employees are required to wear will differ according to your workplace requirements.