Who is Villa Maecenas?

Villa Maecenas is a retreat and villa based in Ibiza – Spain. Set-up for intellectually and spiritually curious seekers: art, music, literature and culture are at the heart of what we do. A creative and inspiring environment for travellers that want to stimulate their minds as well as find a space to work on their passions.

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market jar

Key Achievements:

The team from Villa Maecenas asked us to create a full e-commerce website for their villa bookings site. The website was to include social media links and a booking profile that is intergrated to Eventbrite into the website.

What we are delivering:

We demonstrated a rapid build and design in just under 4 Hours. Villa Maecenas has taken out a maintenance package with us, to ensure no viruses are implemented. Now Villa Maecenas can show prospective clients their amazing Ibiza based.

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So if you’re looking for a mediterranian retreat head on over to: http://villamaecenas.com and book your place. Subsequently if you’re looking for a smart new website to be built for your travel brand, drop us an email here >>

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