Hunters Moon

Who are The Hunters Moon?

The Hunters Moon is a traditional Countryside Pub and Dining Room coming to South West London late 2019. The pub at the front champions comfort and is perfect for more intimate get-togethers, with its cosy nooks and comfy aged leather armchairs, whilst the dining room, flooded with natural light, offers homely touches from an original AGA to an open fireplace.

The Scenario:

The team at The Hunters Moon came to Market Jar in early August to request a website to showcase their new brand and to gather new customers to their new countryside pub in the heart of South West London.

Hunters Moon
Hunters Moon

What we are delivering:

The Team at The Hunters Moon now have a fullly operational website to showcase their pub. Their bookings system – which is done through opentable is intergrated nicely on the reservations page so cutosmters can book easily through the website. They have also taken out a monthly Maitenance package to avoid hacks, and viscous malware.

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