Triple traffic from 1,000 visitors to over 3,800 in just 3 months!

Cru wine seo

Who is Cru Wine?

Cru wine is a wine investment firm, based in west London. Their aim is to offer private clients an opportunity to buy and collect wine using a modern approach.


In just 4 months, we’ve increased their organic traffic from 1,000 visitors to over 4,780! We’ve also seen a decrease in the bounce rate. This means we are getting more visitors to the site and they are staying on the site longer.

cru wine seo
SEO For a Wine Investment Firm


We’ve seen an increase in their rankings, and we’ve achieved more and more first-page and second-page keywords. We are working on the keywords currently on the second and the third pages, in order to push these onto the first page. We aim to have most of these on P1 in Q2 this year.


We have an increase in the CTR. This is the most important factor for ranking on Google. By focusing on intent-driven, high-quality content impressions (based on high-value geographics) and the overall CTR will continue to increase. This is why we’re also seeing an increase in organic traffic.

After getting through a heavy amount of optimisations, backlinks outreach has now started, and is continuing to bring in a decent amount of traffic.

Cru wine seo
SEO For a Wine Investment Firm

Being Google’s #1 goal, ranking for intent focussed keywords has been our main focus, and this is really paying off for Cru wine.

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