Who is Connaught Cellars?

Connaught Cellars is a wine shop based in Connaught Village – London. They bring like-minded people together, to taste, learn about and enjoy wine, through weekly tastings and their exclusive wine club.

connaught cellars
market jar

Key Achievements:

Connaught Cellars came to Market Jar to request a full website re-design, and for their stock system to be implemented throughout their multiple premises.

The Scenario:

Connaught Cellars had little online presence and a very rusty website – picture to the right.

market jar
Connaught Cellars

What we are delivering:

Connaught Cellars has taken out a maintenance package with us, to ensure no viruses are implemented. The website is now being found on Page 1 of Google with their very smart new fully operational e-commerce website. With the implementation of a brand new multiwarehouse stock system, and a brand new multi-functioning e-commerce website – they now have a lot to work with.

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