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Planning a Solid Website Structure for SEO: What and Why

By February 28, 2022Marketing

How to plan a good site structure? What are the main SEO rules? How to develop a good website structure? This article will help you create a clear idea of how to create a solid website for your business.

Planning a Solid Website Structure for SEO: What and Why

Website structure is the overall concept of how your website is going to look like, how it will be organised, what sections will be included and how they will be linked to the rest of your website.

To summarise, website structure is a foundation for a good SEO strategy, which will help you achieve a lot of goals.

From Search Engine Optimisation to Website Design, you should always think about the website structure.

Without a proper structure, you will simply have a website that is not performing well for both your business and SEO.

Why does structure matter for SEO?

It is all about the flow of relevant information. Search engines have changed a lot over the years. They are now looking for the relevance of your content, considering the user’s point of view. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when ironing out your website’s structure.

1 – Look into user experience

Google and other search engines have moved from a simple crawler-based search to a more user-friendly one, which understands the user’s intent. This reflects in the rankings and how your website will be presented in the search.

For Google, the user experience is based on the relevancy of your content.

The interesting part is that the same test, with the same search query, result in different rankings for the same website. The topic, the language, and the country are just a few of the factors that play a role in the user experience of your website.

2 – Avoiding technical mistakes

A poorly organised structure may reflect in the loading speed of your website, as well as in the number of broken links, which can influence your ranking. Broken links point to parts of your website that are not working properly, thus being very visible in the search results.

3 – Consider SEO

Website structure is extremely important in SEO, mainly because it can increase the number of stable positions on your website. For example, if you have a blog, it is better to present it as a unique section. This way, your website will be able to get more stable positions.

If you have hundreds of different pages all over your website, this will only make it harder to rank.

4 – Always use consistent design

Your structure should be reflected in your design by using the same colour schemes, typography, and general design patterns. This will help you create a more clear and more consistent website.

No matter if you are a small business or a large company, your website structure will be of great importance. It is the base of your SEO strategy, so you should always put it at the top of your list.

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