E-commerce website design agency

Make the most of the possibilities that e-tail offers to your brand, by working with a trusted digital marketing agency that will design the right website for your organisation’s needs and goals.

Creating an effective e-commerce portal for your business isn’t just about making it more pleasurable and easier for your target customers to shop with you; it’s also about putting together a website that is straightforward and stress-free to manage and update. Market Jar will cover all of the bases when you turn to us for e-commerce website design needs.

A complete e-commerce web design service

Whatever the sector in which your brand is active, it cannot ignore the importance of having a convenient and feature-rich channel through which to sell its products online.

A poor-quality e-commerce site won’t merely provide a less-than-optimal experience for your target customers – it will also adversely impact the growth ambitions of your company. That’s why it’s crucial to partner with an agency that understands the ins and outs of e-commerce web design, in addition to listening closely and responding to your particular needs.

Content Marketing Examples

We know marketing in the logistics industry because we’re the creative agency behind:


Introducing Market Jar

Market Jar is a London-based online marketing agency that works with organisations of all sizes, from start-ups to some of the biggest commercial entities. We provide all of these brands with highly professional, responsive and agency-quality website design and related services, for freelancer rates.

Wherever your firm is in the UK or Europe, you can expect us to design you a website that generates the awareness, traffic, revenue and sales that will be imperative to the realisation of your brand’s growth objectives – to say nothing of our broader digital marketing track record.

Benefit from an online store that puts you ahead of the pack

When we say we are an e-commerce website design agency, we really do mean ‘bespoke’. That means we will treat you as an equal in our partnership, and devise the solutions that suit your brand’s requirements and expectations, as well as those of your customers.

We will use the acclaimed and popular WordPress platform to create a website that is as convenient and intuitive for your target users to browse, as it is almost effortless to maintain from the backend for your team.

Another distinctive aspect of our website design service is our commitment to putting together a genuinely seamless e-commerce experience for those who shop with you, whether they visit your site on a desktop computer, mobile device or a combination of the two.

Your customers should be able to sit in front of their laptop with your online store in their browser, and your site loaded up on their smartphone in their hand, while scarcely noticing a difference in the quality of what they see and feel.

Benefits of content marketing for your logistics business

  • High-quality content increases the visibility of your logistics brand by getting it in front of the people who are looking for your solution.
  • Improves your brand awareness and increases recognition of your business, as well as positioning you as the expert in your (logistics) industry.
  • Creating content that helps your audience works to create loyalty and trust by offering solutions without asking for anything in return.
  • Providing content that your audience needs and wants help to develop a lasting relationship with them.
  • Adding quality content to your site gives you a bigger digital footprint, making it more likely you’ll be found in the logistics search results.

What do you need to do?

  • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly.
  • Be social. Your customers are communicating on social platforms, be there to engage with them. Pick your platforms and establish a strong social footprint.
  • Identify your customer base. From millennials to Gen X to baby boomers, knowing who your customers are and what they’re looking for is key.
  • Use a logistics marketing agency. Pick a logistics marketing specialist who knows how to market logistics online, freeing you up to do what you do best!
  • Use an e-commerce seo services agency. When your website is complete, use Market Jar as your SEO agency to gain organic clients, and start raising new revenue streams.