Content Marketing Services.

Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and aggressive link-building tactics. Google rewards businesses that focus on building their online authority through producing relevant, authentic content.

Examples of our work

Of course you need examples. You don’t buy before you try, you need to know that we can deliver the goods before you put your faith and hard earned cash in us. So check out these fantastic examples of content marketing from recent campaigns.

We’ve produced content for companies all over the world from FMCG content to camera blogs – there isn’t much we’ve not covered. Here are some recent examples of our copywriting work, for more, check out our case studies.

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3d compare seo
Content gets results. Content is king.

Content Marketing Services

Market Jar is a results-driven, content marketing agency run by consumers. What does that mean? It means we know how essential great content marketing is to getting your brand noticed, which is why we produce content that delivers, every time.

When it comes to telling your brand’s story, there is nothing more effective than great strategic content that gets results.

And it all starts with content strategy.

If you fail to plan, plan to fail, so the saying goes. If you want to create hype around your brand, you’ve got to plan it, you’ve got to have the tools to make sure it happens. A content strategy will ensure your brand’s success.

Memorable, shareable content is what consumers are after. So why not plan to give them what they want? The content marketing services from Market Jar will ensure that your brand doesn’t just get noticed, but it gets increased traffic, more engagement and a higher ROI.

Why is content marketing important?

Content marketing is an essential tool in your digital marketing tool box because with consistently high quality, compelling content, you will engage your audience and influence their decision making like nothing else.

And the key to quality content is consistency. Consistency through your messaging, consistency with your tone of voice, with your content.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is how you answer your audience’s questions. Content marketing is how you build trust with your customers. It’s how you improve your conversion rates. How you connect with clients. How you build your leads.

Content marketing is important in this day and age because it’s what modern customers expect from high end brands.

And it doesn’t matter what your product or service is, everything can become fascinating if you show it in the right light. Content marketing is what will illuminate your brand. So let Market Jar define your brand and present it creatively with witty, snappy, soulful, playful (insert your TOV) onsite copy.

We know how to create content that will garner you the attention you deserve.

Benefits of content marketing


Great content will give your audience a positive experience enticing them to come back, increasing your audience retention rate.

Leverage your social media marketing with great content. Your content marketing can get you the traction your business craves.

Reliable content will create trust with your audience. You can answer their questions, engage with them, share with them, build a relationship with them by simply giving them what they want. Quality content will bolster your reputation and improve your brand in your customer’s eyes.

Increase leads with content marketing because everytime you give your audience a tasty morsel, you’re positioning yourself in front of them as someone worthy of spending money with.

Content marketing will boost your conversion rate. And that’s really what everyone wants at the end of the day.

Your SEO efforts will be handsomely rewarded the more high quality content you produce. Not only will you please your audience, but you’ll please the search engine gods too. And if everyone is pleased, you’ll rank higher in the SERP.

Ready To Put Market Jar at The Forefront of Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Our content marketing services are highly bespoke to meet each clients demands/needs. If you would like to find out how much our content marketing costs then simply get in touch today.

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